With over 25-years of experience providing premier art instruction, we offer a fun variety of art classes for all ages in the Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and Port Orange areas.

Our students are always learning and creating, and most importantly — having fun with art!

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art theory

Fundamentals of art, including value contrast, perspective, composition, and color relationships.

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Watercolor, pen & ink, and color pencils all require a mastery of drawing with a pencil first in order to lay a precise foundation for color or ink rendering.

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pen & ink

This medium requires an understanding of drawing to give the illusion of the dimension of depth.

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Pastels are best showcased on colored pastel paper and are luminous in their quality, softly rendering subject matter.

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Water and pigment particles combine to create spontaneous surprises.

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A flexible medium that can resemble the style of oils or watercolor.

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Portraits can be done in acrylics, watercolors or pastels. Facial proportion is the key to painting a good likeness.

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Good drawing and composition skills are the foundation of this highly sought after medium.

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Calligraphy uses many font styles and sizes. With practice you can develop your own style.

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